Rock and Surf Fishing

The Southern cape coast offers some of the best rock and surf fishing in the country. Once can expect to Catch Kob, Garrick (Leerie), Elf (Shad), Belman, Grunter, Bronze Bream, White Steenbras, White Musselcracker and our countries national fish, the Galjoen, with a variety of smaller species of fish like Blacktail, Streepie (carenteen) and Cape Stumpnose on offer too.

Baits to Use

The best baits to use in the Southern Cape for Rock and Surf fishing are:
  • Fresh Pilchard
  • Chokka
  • Pink Prawn
  • Squid
  • Mackerel
  • White Mussel
  • Bloodworm
  • Moonshin Worm
  • Redbait

Traces and Tackle

Below are some examples of Traces we have found to work when fishing both on the Knysna Lagoon as well as Rock and Surf in the Southern Cape:
(Please select a fish to view the our trace guideline)

GPS Marks in the Southern Cape

For your compiled the following GPS Marks of Rock and Surf Fishing Spots in the Southern Cape: